White Land

White pill gives you a thrill, you feel great
And when you find it'll blow your mind, it's too late
But why should you bother when the doctors call?
Nuclear powers gonna kill us all (anyway)
Cold town, brings me down real bad
Summer mind in Winter time feels so sad
Christmas really keeping me alive
But there are four long weeks 'til Santa Claus arrives
White land, so calm
Naked trees don't feel no pain, no harm
Green pines for me
I hear the forest's aching melody
Air-raid alarms, men in arms, cold and cruel
Political whimps, financial pimps, money rules
Good times coming with the Jingle Bells
But will they ever beat the strength of Hell?

Andy vocals, guitar, piano, keyboards, bass, synthesizers

Alex lead guitar

Words and music: Andy Lord (1976)
Arranged by Andy Lord and Alexander Lord
Produced and mixed by Alexander Lord
Recorded at River Street Studio, Vinslöv