Christmas in Town

Familiar sights as I wander the nights
Snowy streets, I can hear the beats
From the inside world, this unfamiliar world
Dirty alleys, my shoes are worn
This empty inside, why was I even born?
To this vacant world, this lonesome world
Cause itís Christmas tonight and Iím lonely again
Iím standing here, canít even shed a tear for a withered soul
Itís Christmas in town
A broken man, thatís what they see
A shackled hero, yeah thatís hard to be
In the outside world, this inauspicious world
Distant sounds, they cover my ears
Wakiní up, I just had no fears
In the inside world, that familiar world
Voices inspired, still looking back in desire
Iím moving on, gonna face this world on my own

Alex lead and backing vocals, acoustic guitars, bass

Cat backing vocals

Words and music: Alexander Lord
Arranged by Andy Lord and Alexander Lord
Produced and mixed by Alexander Lord
Recorded at River Street Studio, VinslŲv