White Dragon

In the warm summer night, on the southern flight
On mighty wings, the dragon king
In abandoned lands of a stoneage man
Ancient battlegrounds, all wiped-out towns
The smell of war, he's known it before
These tribal bands got one last chance
A virgin's call can save them all
Through the long, long night, he seeks the light
The white dragon rides the endless track
He never stops, he don't look back
His mind is clear, his will is steel
The ivory gates he will reveal
From the northern skies, cold reflections of eyes
They scream in rage, a lethal plague
Horrorful shades, the king of Spades
Poisonous breath, the face of Death
The daughters of a dream, come from the eastern streams
Angels of bright, joining the fight
With wisdom and love, and support from above
The code to life, to real life
He rides the night, he rides again
The blue phoenix is his silent friend
The female power, and the male
Together can they lift the veil

Andy Lord vocals, rhythm guitar, piano

David Ottvall guitar, synthesizers and electronic drums

Dan Ottvall lead guitar

Words and music: Andy Lord (1987)
Arranged by Andy Lord and David Ottvall
Mixed by David Ottvall
Recorded at Capricorn Studio, Tyringe