The Whale

My trial began with a verdict, no pleas or questions were heard
The courtroom sang as the judge threw forth his spear
No jury, no lawyers and no defence, while the nets begin to tow
I cry for mercy but no one seems to hear
I was born in a world of such wonder, a place so exciting and bold
But no one wants to hear the songs I sing
I guess it doesn't matter though, I was dying anyway
From pollution, litter and waste piled up on high
Dead is the Rainbow Warrior, who once took the witness stand
But the testimony she gave will never die
But kill me, just kill me, 'cos I'll die anyway
My world is just your dumping ground today
Over many oceans I've travelled, and through many seas I have sailed
I've seen so clearly the fading of your shores
The treasured lands of your fathers, you lustfully gave away
To industrial and bureaucratic whores
Oh my eyes once knew no horizon, life and wonders beyond compare
The mountains and beauty could take your breath away
You make excuses and justify, as your attorneys bend the law
Is this what your progress is about?
What can I do to convince you of the blood that stains your hands?
And the time to make a change is running out

Andy Lord vocals, guitar, piano

David Ottvall synthesizers

Words: Trevor Roberts (1987)
Music: Andy Lord (1987)
Arranged by Andy Lord and David Ottvall
Mixed by David Ottvall
Recorded at Capricorn Studio, Tyringe