The Sacred Quest

Journey starts by the southern borders
Oh Valerie, I'd like to stay
But guardians present my silver stallion
Druids bless the Sword of Faith
Travel through the endless desert
Horizon line in the haze
Strange formations in the western ocean
Distant shadows on my way
Whispers in the night send shivers down my spine
Wise men never dared to speak its name
Dark magicians dwell in a dimension of a sin, play their game
Follow clouds to the land of darkness
Everlasting ice on the northern coast
Giants turn to stone my silver stallion
Oh precious sword, destroy this wicked ghost
On the wings of eagles to the sunrise
Mountains of the east, I rest my soul
The hours of the morning and Mei-li with eyes of jade
She ties me up with the chains of gold
Valerie, I see your face before me
And I hear your prayers loud and clear
Will this Sword of Faith have the strength to break my chains? The end is near
Highway of the Dead into the center
Signs are telling me that I'm too late
Running through the dungeons where the demons hold their court
I close my eyes and raise the Sword of Faith
Am I too late? I break the gate

Andy Lord vocals, guitar

David Ottvall synthesizers and electronic drums

Words and music: Andy Lord (1987)
Arranged by Andy Lord and David Ottvall
Mixed by David Ottvall
Recorded at Capricorn Studio, Tyringe