Southern Plains

I'm going down to the southern plains
I'm gonna see my baby again
Gonna hold her sweet body close to mine
'Cos when I'm with her I feel so fine
The best time is when I have her near
She says the words I love to hear
She tells me she always gonna be around
A shot of love when I'm feeling down
I used to be a loner that would run and hide
But you know I feel so good when she's by my side
I'm working hard up in the woods
But I'd quit that if I could
The big boss man is treating me unkind
Well that's it, I've made up my mind
Oh, I'm going down to the southern plains...

Andy Lord vocals, rhythm guitar, piano

Joop Feikes de Groot lead guitar

Hans DalÚn bass

Anders Jalgard drums

Words and music: Andy Lord (1983)
Arranged by Andy Lord
Mixed by Chuck DeLuxe
Recorded at Svenska Popfabriken, Klippan