Somebody Else's Baby

Carefully I pull away the curtain
And look out on the evil street below
She is putting on her skirt and shoes
Her eyes tell me that she don't want to go
I know that she's somebody else's baby
I know that she's somebody else's girl
But I need her and the times of love we share
And I know she cares
I know that she don't like to be unfaithful
But her man ain't got the feeling anymore
If she comes back to me just one more time
I'll love her like I've never done before

Andy Lord vocals, rhythm guitar, keyboard

Joop Feikes de Groot lead guitar

Hans DalÚn bass

Anders Jalgard drums

Words and music: Andy Lord (1980)
Arranged by Andy Lord
Mixed by Chuck DeLuxe
Recorded at Svenska Popfabriken, Klippan