Living In Garden City

Now (like every now and then) I'm closing my eyes
(It comes as no surprise)
I'm feeling so blind, I'm watching the stars
All the same, all the same
Nothing's changed when you enter my mind
I'm counting the stars, each and every one
They're shining so bright, behind my closed eyes
All the world, you're the world
All the world, when you enter my mind
I'm counting the stars that shine in your eyes
Noise and distractions from the outside
All that hub-bub, trying to keep it all on the outside
But I can feel it creeping on to my insides
Turning my will to jelly, my mind to stone
Garden City, where do I go from here?
Where do I go from Garden City?

Andy Lord vocals, rhythm guitar, piano

David Ottvall lead guitar, backing vocals, synthesizers and electronic drums

Words: David Ottvall (2000)
Music: Andy Lord (1999)
Arranged by Andy Lord and David Ottvall
Mixed by David Ottvall
Recorded at Capricorn Studio, Tyringe