Black Raven Night

Time doesn't fly like a bird in the sky
It rolls like a train, and it rolls again
Souls, wandering souls, always seeking a goal
They dream the same dream in an eternal stream
Friend, friend or foe? Should I stay? I don't know.
Without black there's no white, without wrong there's no right.
Fear losing you, feel you fade out of sight
Foul smell of hate in the black raven night
Love, love is red like first blood on the bed
And love, love is blue when I long, long for you

Andy Lord vocals, rhythm guitar, piano

David Ottvall synthesizers and electronic drums

Micke Lang lead guitar

Words and music: Andy Lord (1995)
Arranged by Andy Lord and David Ottvall
Mixed by David Ottvall
Recorded at Capricorn Studio, Tyringe