Back To The City

I moved out to breathe some air, to see the fields and trees
But I got sick, got countryside disease
I can't stand the smell of cows, this calmness don't feel right
So I know what I'm gonna do, I'm going home tonight
I'm going back to the city, back to the city, the noise and neon lights
Back to the city, back to the city, it sure looks good tonight
I see the lights approach, I hear a police car
I can't wait to step into a bar
It's just a crazy dream, it's just a show
But it's the kind of life I like, that's one thing I know

Andy Lord vocals, rhythm guitar

Joop Feikes de Groot lead guitar

Hans DalÚn bass

Anders Jalgard drums

Marlies Welty & Magdalena Smidova backing vocals

Words and music: Andy Lord (1978)
Arranged by Andy Lord
Mixed by Chuck DeLuxe
Recorded at Svenska Popfabriken, Klippan